Services - If we can not do it we may know someone who can!

Southern Engineers Ltd take the art of precision engineering to the next level. Despite being a relatively 'small' business, Southern Engineers Ltd work on a huge scale and produce/manufacture work for multi-million pound companies as well as producing/manufacturing work to tailor individual needs.


CNC Machining

Southern Engineers Ltd machine components using advanced, modern technology of Computor Numerical Control (CNC) of high and low volume. Over the years Southern Engineers Ltd have machined materials from the popular Aluminiums and Stainless Steels to the not-so popular Cork and Titanium for example.


Maintenance and Servicing

Statistically the highest accident rates in manufacturing are in the woodworking industry. Last year there were 2 deaths within the woodworking industry of which may have been preventable.  With regular servicing (Annually or bi – annually) accidents would be kept to a minimum, if any at all.

Servicing regularly will not only prevent potential injuries, but will also:

> Prevent expensive failures
> Prolong the life of machinery and parts
> Eliminate downtime

Southern Engineers Ltd are able to service most types of plant and machinery with an in depth check on all mechanical parts carried out all belts, bearings and moving parts are checked thoroughly to ensure correct working condition.

Repairing machinery can be extremely expensive, so the question then is “not if you can afford servicing but if you can afford not to.

Save money with servicing

Design and Implentation

Southern Engineers Ltd often liase with their customers to design items that are not available anywhere else, with the expertise of John Taylor and the skill of the machinists, one-off items are regularly designed and made in the Southern Engineers Ltd workshop.